Welcome to the earth game

The earth game. Why do I not capitalize it?

Because it’s not real. It’s a game. As Beca says, we have just forgotten that it is a game.

It is one of my favorite tools, and most powerful reminders, that we live in a world colored by our perception of it.

Because I love it so much, and the rules are so helpful to me, I have asked for, and received, permission to reprint it here. I have re-formatted it to make it easier to read on the web. Otherwise, the words are all Beca’s!

“In the Earth game, we must overcome the belief of lack. We must stop believing any statement that says there is not enough—of anything. Check it out. Every one of our precepts about Earth starts with the concept “there is not enough.” We all agree at least some of the time that there is not enough time, patience, resources, expertise, love, kindness, money, patience etc., don’t we?

In the Earth game, there are two things we need to do in order to win—and move on—

First: We must overcome the belief of lack.
Second: At the same time all (all not some) of our relationships must be harmonious and balanced.

Yes, it is easy to say and hard to do. But in order to “win” we must overcome the belief of lack in everything and be conscious of the abundance that is always and forever present. This overcoming and consciousness would perfect every relationship we have.
We would begin within ourselves and then branch out to family, friends, our home, our town, mankind, our world and everything in it—from our shoes to the icebergs in Antarctica.

The most difficult part of this game is that when we start with the belief that there is lack, it is hard to have perfect relationships with anything at all.

Obviously to truly win the game we have to first know:
That it is a game. That there is no lack.
Why is there really no lack?
Because the One Mind is not playing this game. It—as Principle—continues to exist only as a state of continuous supply and Love. It knows nothing of the Earth game of lack we have all agreed to play. It is our perception of the game that makes the game what it is in every moment. And it is our change of perception about the game that changes the results of the game.
Ah—the tangled web we weave.
Since we are in the middle of pretending that there is a game called Earth state of mind we need to know

the rules of the Earth game:

• Unlike the show Survivor, in this game there is no final winner. In fact, if you are the only one left, you lose.
• In this game of survival, all must survive in order for you to win.
• You must participate. Sitting on the sidelines saying, “I don’t want to play” won’t get you anywhere—it just delays the inevitable.
• The only way out of the game is to play.
• You can win only when you play as yourself—not pretending to be what you are not, or hiding what you are. Therefore, part of the game is discovering your unique expression and living it.
• In order to win you have to assist as many people as possible to win with you.
• There can be no desire to be or create a loser. However, some people will make a choice to be a loser until the next round.
• You cannot change another person’s choice to lose.
• You must keep an open door in case the person wants to play again to win.
• You can’t play for anyone; you can’t take anyone’s place.
• You can never drag people to the finish line, but you can encourage them to keep going.
• You must be able to recognize and walk away from those whose only goal is to keep anyone— even the person you like the least—from winning.
• You must learn to protect yourself and those you love in a way that does not harm others.
• You must always take the “good of the whole” into account, but at the same time, be true to yourself.
• All alliances are to be made for the good of all, not for the alliance.
• No action can ever be made in retaliation, or revenge.
• Wars do not work—any kind, any size—ever. To win, you must find a better way.
• Accumulating anything and then not being willing to let go does not win points: It only slows you down.

The best players:

• Know the rules.
• Play by the rules.
• Spend time becoming aware of who they (and everyone else) really are,
• and use that perception to Shift the game.
• Trust that the more they play well the more they will remember who they are outside the game.
• Understand that sometimes what looks like losing is in reality winning.
• Know that when they understand that there is no lack, the rules are obvious and easy to follow.
• Walk their talk.”

Source – Lewis, Beca Living In Grace: The Shift To Spiritual Perception (pp. 44-47). Perception Publishing. Kindle Edition.

Note – I have re-formatted the source to make it easier to read on the web. Copied and used with permission of the author and publisher.